One Step

​Engrained, marked and vested in me, figuratively. 

Lifting, soaring and diving in me, metaphorically.

A million firefly thoughts that I have to, need to, and want to express.

Our eyes; they’re closed to the light in light. 

Our eyes; they’re open through the dark of night.

Twisting, turning in our beds,

Both in anxiety, waiting with bated breath.

The wait of the weight in the treasury;

that’s you.

The weight of the wait gets me more than times two. 

Leave the green thought behind, before it turns to gray. Take one step and there will be colours array. 

You as you, take a step.

I as me, I’ll meet you there. 

Open your eyes to the truth too great.

Listen to me when I sing of how I will wait.



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